James recently moved to the Pinellas county/ St Pete area. His is currently updating his web presence and working toward offering spiritual counseling and philosophical consulting as well as tutoring, classes, consulting, and services in folklore and ritual from a holistic, earth based, Heathen/Pagan perspective. While his perspective is Heathen/Pagen he has extensive experience and education in various forms of Christianity and can help with integrating and navigating multiple perspectives and paths such as Buddhism, Heathenry, Paganism, Christianity, and Earth based paths.

James’ education spans across studies of culture, religion, ritual, expression, philosophy, and the built environment. Academically James has taught folk studies, humanities, interdisciplinary studies, and gender studies at the college level. He has published in the areas of culture, politics, and religion and is currently finishing a dissertation on philosophy and asceticism (regimes of the self for healing and change). James has explored and served in spiritual leadership in multiple communities and has training in pastoral care, ritual, spiritual counsel, meditation, and asceticism. In addition James integrates knowledge and experience as a chef and in foodways into his work with clients.

James’ expertise spans across multiple disciplines and this is reflected in projects that are interdisciplinary as well as integrated into clients’ philosophy and lifestyle.