Personal chefs services are an affordable option for those who want healthy gourmet options but don’t want to be burdened with meal preparation. Personal chef services are great for vacations, busy professionals, and those with allergies or special dietary needs. It is also a great way to try and experience different dishes and flavors.

How it works

First, you choose a menu. You can choose from a set of planned menus or I can work with you to curate a custom menu. Special diets may be charged an extra fee for meal consultation/planning. I can also work with recipes or ideas you have.

Schedule your cooking day or delivery day. Meals are normally prepared in your kitchen. If we choose to prepare in your kitchen (traditional) I will prepare the meals and leave your food in the fridge and freezer with labels and heating instructions. for long term clients I will set up a day to meet and have the initial ‘cheffing day’ in your kitchen, where we can walk through the process and other details.O


The standard plan is a “5×4” or 5 meals @ 4 servings each. I offer 5 meals with up to six portions for $250 plus ingredient cost. This normally includes a protein/main, starch, and a side dish. A dessert can be included as well. More portions can be made for a small fee.

Pricing can change for custom recipes, specialty diets, or scheduling/contract needs. I will sit down and quote a price for your specific needs. Lunches can also be prepared for an extra fee per lunch.

# of
5$2501-6 servings
4$2301-6 servings
3$2101-6 servings
2$1801-6 servings
1$1501-6 servings
5++$40 per meal1-6 servings

Pricing for specialty menus may vary.

After the first service I do ask for an 6 week commitment for personal chef services. If you want to cancel early I need a one week/service notice or you will have to pay that service fee as a cancellation fee.

Short term clients may have an additional set up fee or custom menu fee.

One time only clients/ non contract clients will be quoted catering prices.